Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt...

A family from our small group hosted an Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch this morning! The food was delicious!

After we ate...we all headed outside in search of EGGS! Ian had so much fun running from one egg to the next and putting them in his "duck" basket.

Ian soon found the treasures inside of the eggs...and had his daddy help him get the wrappers off of the candy!

Levi thought the eggs were "BALLS" - so he was in heaven!

not all the eggs had candy in them..much to the boys excitement!
"Bouncy Balls"

After all of the Easter eggs were found the boys had fun climbing up the ladder and going down the slide! And, Yes, Levi did make it up the ladder all by himself! We had a wonderful time with all of our small group friends! 6 couples and 17 kids in all!

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