Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our day...

Started out with our first trip to the library - Ian was instantly drawn to the computers...at first he didn't like to keep the headphones on, but once he heard the voices through the headphones and saw the boy sitting next to him with headphones on... he enjoyed a story by Dr. Seuss.
Levi found a table with puzzles..
..but wanted big brother to show him how to work the computer!  While they were entertained with that..I quickly picked out some books for the boys.
This evening, we spent some time outside in the back yard.  Much to the boys delight we found a baby frog.
Both of the boys started hopping like a frog..saying "RIB-IT  RIB-IT" - they chased after that poor baby frog until they could not see it anymore and I told them he went home!
but then, Matt found this big frog in the yard. So they continued with their jumping and "RIB-IT" some more!  Ian then started pulling grass out of the ground and said "Here froggy froggy, here froggy froggy...I have a treat for you".  He was disappointed that the frog did not eat his treat ...and then decided give TY the grass!
After we got cleaned up from outside...Ian enjoyed reading his books that we picked up from the library this morning!

Next time we go to the library - I will skim through the books quickly before I bring them home..because one of the books ended with a little boy running from a monster. Not quite what I had in mind for a bedtime story.

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