Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Easter Fun!

 We gave the boys their Easter baskets a day early....
 Ian is showing off his new "GUITAR" shirt!
 later this morning, I took the boys to our friends house to enjoy our annual "EASTER BRUNCH" with our small group.  Matt stayed home and worked hard at finishing our walls in the hallway (when we got home - he had the first coat of paint on the walls!) Matt - I LOVE YOU!

 After the boys opened all of their eggs to get the surprise inside - they climbed up to the table to join the others in decorating cookies!
Levi enjoyed frosting his cookies...but enjoyed even more....LICKING THE SPRINKLE BOTTLES THAT CAME IN CONTACT WITH HIS FROSTED COOKIES!

We are so blessed to have friends that open their home - so that we can get together and have a filled time!

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