Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Singing in the RAIN!

Wednesday mornings, we usually go to Chick-fil-a for toddler time....but this morning we woke up to RAIN.  I decided that it was not worth it to load up the boys in the pouring rain - so we hung out at the house.  I spent most of the morning going through the boys clothes - putting away summer clothes, getting out fall/winter clothes - seeing what I have and what I need.
We could hear when it was raining harder and they kept running to the windows to watch. I knew the question was was only a matter of time!

 Being  a little overwhelmed with the huge mess that I had created in the boys room with clothes all over the place...I decided to join them!  
In my bare feet, I went running through the sopping wet grass in my bare feet in the pouring rain!
 Ian and I were loving it...
 Levi - not so much..

 that was until I got him a towel to wrap up in!

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