Friday, May 11, 2012


Ever since Matt bought Ian his first Rifle...Ian has been asking to shot it and TONIGHT was that night!
On the way to meet Matt I asked Ian if he was excited...he said "YES...but I'm tire" so I encouraged him to take a little nap until we got there.

 While, Ian was passed out in the van Matt helped Levi have a turn with the 22 pistol.
Of course...I couldn't just let the boys have all of the fun!
Ian finally woke up and after ear plugs were inserted he finally got to shot his rifle.
Matt was creative with the targets!
While the boys were not shooting they were happy to play in the back of Matt's truck
Ian decided that he liked to shot the pistol better than his rifle...Why?
"Daddy, it shots 10 bullets instead of 1 bullet!"

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