Sunday, December 30, 2012

A sled riding party invitation!

We got invited to an evening of sled riding from a neighbor.  So we left our kids with mom and dad and with our husbands we headed out into the SNOW! We were like little kids giggling as we walked down the driveway in the dark, talking about sled riding experiences we had as kids! As we walked we could hear others gathering and could see the flames of a campfire that was there to keep us warm!  This sled riding was the best EVER.  We had awesome snow tubes that ZIPPED so fast over the snow that you could not stop... it was nearly impossible to bail and when you did you were sure to get a face full of snow. Also, two of the neighbors brought their snowmobiles with ropes attached and they pulled us up to the top of the there was no walking - unless you choose to... (those of you who know Matt well, could have probably guessed that he did!).  We rode as double most of the time and even tried going down on a huge tube with five of us on it.  After hours of sledding we called it a night and hobbled back to mom and dads.  All of us were sure to have plenty of bruises in the morning and most likely be sore (since we are not as young as we once were)  but we all decided it had been worth it!

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