Monday, May 27, 2013

Small Group Retreat!

This Memorial day weekend was our small group retreat.  Matt already had plans to go to the Coca-Cola 600 race with friends.  So the boys and I loaded up the van and could not wait to meet up with our friends!

Ian and one of his friends!
They quickly scouted out the BOYS room to claim their spot to sleep for the weekend!

Everyone enjoyed going through the obstacle course!

Everyone gathering together to go hiking!

then a dip in the pool to cool off!

All the kids found a spot on the floor for "Movie Night"
Sunday morning, we a time of worship and then each family spent some time on their own "Family mission statement"
We are so blessed to have these families in our lives!
7 Families - 23 kids in ALL!

Dodge Ball

more hiking!

time at the lake

more swimming!

s'more time at the campfire with Mr. Todd!
The weekend was a really sweet time of fellowship!  We are looking forward to the next time we can do this!

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