Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our first official Camping Trip!

 Thursday night, after Matt got off of work, we loaded up the boys and went camping at Table Rock.
Within minutes of finding our site #73...Matt had the tent up and a fire going!
then it was time for .....Smores and Pizza Mountain Pies! Yum!

Friday morning, after breakfast (pancakes and bacon) we hit the trails!

Matt had high hopes of making it all the way to the top of the Table Rock trail...

 and we were not going to let the scattered showers keep us from trying..

we didn't make it that far, but we were very impressed that Levi made it almost a whole mile 
before asking to get put in the backpack carrier...
Ian was happy to be out in front leading the way!

 We almost made it two miles, when we finally decided to stop to eat lunch and turn around.

 When we got back to our site, Matt started another fire

Before dinner, Matt walked around the camping loop while Ian rode his big wheel.

 The rain coats came in very handy on this camping trip.  By 8:30 Friday night, it started raining and got really cold. I ended up taking the boys into the tent to get out of the rain and keep warm.  At 9:45 the boys we still up singing songs, laughing and playing with their blue glow stick. We decided that since we were only going to stay until after breakfast in the morning, to just pack it up and go home.  We bundled up the boys and put them in their car seats while took the tent down and pour buckets of water over the fire.  By the time we pulled out onto the highway...it was POURING!
The next morning, Matt got up with the boys and let me sleep in.  I have to say...it was so nice waking up to a warm house!

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