Saturday, January 28, 2012

I love afternoons...

like today!

We started off the morning with a pancake and egg breakfast.  Then we spent the rest of the morning working on things around the house. 
Matt ~
1. fixed a drain plug to the sink in the bathroom
 2. aerated the yard 
3. finished chopping firewood. 
Me ~
1. moved all of the furniture in the den and vacuumed   
2. cleaned the boys room - even under their beds!
Boys ~
1. Colored pictures
2. Play-doh
4. Helped me move the furniture back into place
3. Wii

After the boys took a quick nap, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and go for a walk. So the four of us along with Diesel walked, ran, and sang our way to

1st stop - BRUSTER'S
2 baby vanilla cones with rainbow sprinkles
1 small cake batter waffle cone
1 large almond divinity/ oreo cheesecake waffle cone

2nd stop - PETSMART
(Diesel weighed in at 49 lbs)

3rd stop - TARGET

I would have loved to have a picture to post of us all walking on our way home tonight, but that was not possible. So I took a mental picture in my mind that I hope I never forget.
  The picture would show a beautiful orange sunset with us walking four wide on the road...(left to right)
Diesel on a leash held by Matt who has Levi on his shoulders and is holding Ian's left hand and I'm on the end holding Ian's other hand!

Milestone!  Ian and Levi walked to Brusters and then Petsmart with out being carried!  
(except when we crossed over WHB) 

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