Friday, January 20, 2012


We spent a lot of time in our PJ's this week.

1.  Ian ran a fever for 4 days and had a double ear infection.  So we spent several days lounging around the house, mostly watching TV in our bedroom. (since the audio went out in our TV in the den).

2.  Wednesday morning, Chick-fil-a had a toddlers Pajama Party that we went too, since Ian was finally feeling better! 
Ian and Levi wore their Mario and Friends PJ's

3. Wednesday night, AWANAs Pajama party!
Ian wore his guitar PJ's

4.  Tonight, we went to a PIZZA, MOVIE and PAJAMA party! 20 kids and 7 Mommy's!  IT WAS  A BLAST! 
Ian wore his Little Einsteins and Levi wore his Lighting McQueen PJ's

I do not own a pair of PAJAMAS, so I wore yoga pants, a tank top and a hoodie.

Maybe...just maybe... I will get a pair before the next

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