Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 1 - Pumpkin Festival

Saturday afternoon, we met up with my mom & my sister's family at a Pumpkin Festival.  The first thing that caught everyone's attention was this slide made out of pipe.  The kids loved climbing up the hay bells to slide down the giant thing!

Levi found a big bounce ball and wanted to walk all over the place with it!

HAY RIDE...out to the pumpkin patch

Picking out pumpkins!

 Levi playing in the big barrel of corn! (He loved it even though this picture doesn't quite capture that)
It was a beautiful FALL afternoon!

After the pumpkin festival...we headed back to my parents house to see my dad who just got back home from Ohio.

 Later that night...PopPop(my dad) took the kids outside with a flash light to look for the request of Isabella!

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