Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coca Cola 600

For the last couple of years Matt has been going to the Nascar Coca Cola 600  race in Charlotte, NC. with some friends from PA.
 This year I went with him. 

 Below is a picture of our friend Dale and I sitting under one of the trailers while we waited to get autographs from some of the drivers.

 David Reutimann
Clint Bowyer

We went to our seat around 3:30 to watch the pre-race show....

You can not go to a race with out picking a driver...
I picked Brian Vickers #83
Matt picked Dale Jr. #88 (picture below) and Carl Edwards # 99

Sitting at the race is nothing like watching it on TV.  At times I felt completely disconnected because I do not know all of the drivers by their numbers and the tower at the race only shows the positions of the driver by number, so I was missing the ticker that runs across the bottom of our TV at home that list the positions by car number and NAME.
But at home, you do not feel the vibration in your seat as the cars go speeding by or smell the burnt tire smell as cars go spinning off track.

 In the end, Dale Jr ran out of gas just before the finish line and finished 7th, Edwards finished 16th and Brian Vickers 18th.
 After the race, we headed back to the camper to have a cook out before heading back home at 1:00 am.

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